Ajahn Kao Analayo,Wat Tham Klong Phen, Nong Bua Lam Phu,Thailand



khaoIt Is believed that the Khmer worshiped here when their dynasty ruled here and it was left until 1958 when Luang Poo Khao Analayo (1888-1983), a student of Ajaan Mun, came to meditate and live here until his death in 1983 .This a large Wat with many areas to wander through. It is certainly worth a couple hours to view the grounds, chedi and museum. It is easily accessible from either Udon or Nong Bua Lam Phu just off Road 210. There is a large statue and sign that marks the side road to gain access to the Wat and it’s location marked in this post and the Nong Bua Lam Phu map.

The Songkhram River (แม่น้ำสงคราม, ), Northeast, Thailand

songkhramPublished more than 4 years ago,this post still tell the story.
The Songkhram River, a tributary of the Mekong River originates in the hills between Amphor Nong Han in Udon Thani Province and Sawang Daeng Din district, Sakon Nakhon Province.From
there, it flows through Amphor Seka (Nong Khai Province), Wanon Niwat (Sakon Nakhon
Province),into to the Mekong River in, Chai Buri, Amphor Tha Uthen , Nakhon Phanom Province.
With a length of nearly 500 kilometers, the Songkhram River is the third largest tributary of
the Mekong and its drainage area extends over more than 13,000 square kilometers.

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Buddhism Ajahn Chah, Modern Isaan Blessing or Scourge

chah-sumedhoI found these words some years ago and thought it a good time to put into Isaan Live. It’s about a year since I first posted this Ajahn Chah story and being back in the States see this reflection on “Progress” pertinent.
“So much in life is called progress, but in the end seems only to be movement. “I (Ajahn Chah left Khon Kaen Friday Morning and it is now Sunday afternoon. I have seen flooding and drought in the same day, I have seen suffering and joy. The loss of crop and the harvesting of crop. I have seen disco and morning Puja. I have seen people caught up in face and people who know the reality and samsara of face.
Modern times rammed itself down the throats of many in Isaan. Every river that feeds the Mekong River dammed save one.

Thailand, Dangerous Roads, Footpaths as Well

pogo enemy1Thailand is documented to have the second most dangerous roads in the world. Actually reporting methods might allow Thailand to understate theactual number of road deaths. It is my undestanding that only those declared dead at the scene of the accident are counted in the statistic, while those who die enroute to or at the medical facility, or later are not included.
Roads are bad enough, but footpaths, sidewalks, pedestrian area arejust as if not more dangerous. I have been unable tofind any statistical information, but overthe years I have seen many an accident. Considering many incidents might be injurious and many driverslack insurance, or flee the scene I would guess the cost to families could cause economic strife.

Ajahn Chah,Mind Reading Ability and more Dhammapada, Buddhism,Thailand

JayasaroAjahn Jayasaro talks aboutAjahn Chah reading minds and Ajahn Munindo comments on

All states of being are determined by mind.
It is mind that leads the way.
As surely as our shadow never leaves us,
so well-being will follow when we speak or act
with a pure state of mind.
v. 2

Rocky is Dead, Long Live Rocky, an American story in Nakhon Phanom, Thailand

IMG_20160605_134249Rocky was stationed in Nakhon Phanom during the VietNam war, back in the late 60s. He stayed on, got Thai residency and more than likely opened the first Pizza Joint In Isaan. Rocky left NKP some years ago and lived in Sakon Nakhon and Khon Kaen and then moving to Korat.
A few weeks back I was on 1 of the VietNam era veterans Facebook pages and stumbled onto a discussion about Ho Chi Minh in Isaan and the Nakhon Phanom area. In the midst of the conversation Rocky’s name came up. I learned that Rocky had died. There was even a contributor who had even attended Rocky’s funeral.

What Gets A Buddhist Monk Expelled, Buddhism Thailand

Often, in Thailand we read about the shenanigans monks get up to. Women, drink, drugs and ownership of things not allowed in the Vinaya. The Vinaya  is the Monks Rules an the law that governs monks conduct and  punishments. In Thailand the Government often usurps responsibility for maintaining conduct of the Bhikkhu Sangha from the Bhikkhu, making up their own rules as far as Buddhism is concerned. Bhikkhus carrying money is common in ThaiLnd, but an ignored offense in Thailand. All in all simply by reading the daily papers in Thailand it is easy to see that the state of Buddhism in Thailand is dire. My opinion is that many of the problems are a result of the Thai Government’s management of Th Bhikkhu Sangha and goings on of Buddhism in the country.
To read the Vinaya can be quite confusing especially to a layman….

Buddhism,”The Beauty of Sila”, Ajahn Jayasāro

JayasaroTo my mind this explains in simple terms what a samana, a monk should be. this is not the complete talk. it can be found online”Forest Path” A collection of talks, essays, and accounts from the community at Wat Pah Nanachat THE BEAUTY OF SĪLA  Ajahn Jayasāro, an edited version of a Dhamma talk given to the Sangha during the 1998 Rains Retreat…

Wat Phra Phutthabat Bua Bok, Udon Thani, Thailand, วัดพระพุทธบาทบัวบก,

bua-bokHistory tells us that the original entity on this site was called Ku Vieng Phu. Or Ku Wiang during the Dvaravati Period. Once again better information from the Khon Kaen University Cultural Center seems to have gone.

A number of quotes online tell us This is where the Buddha’s Holy Footprint was found along side with various Buddha images of Lanchang style that can be dated back to 2025 Buddhist Century.A quick look shows even the non-expert that this is simply another of the Buddhas R Us stores cement footprints.
The site does date back to Dvaravati Period and the site and nearby Park are certainlw worth a visit. The geology of the area is also of interest

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