Isaan Update 29.08.12

So far the rainy season has been a bit of a non-event here in Northeast Thailand. Intermittent showers and occasional downpours have been the norm over the past few weeks.My look at Lampao reservoir in Kalasin has been posted and as noted irrigation water is the only discharge taking place and the water is at its lowest level.
Friday the 31st we plan to depart Sakon Nakhon in the afternoon to Mukdahan and the 1st an early start to Ubon Ratchatani and Wat Pa Nanachat. The purpose of the trip is to pick up Thai language Dhamma books for the folks who support the Forest Monasteries in this area. A short stop at Wat Nong Pa Pong, Ajahn Chah’ original monastery and a visit with some acquaintances and a return to Sakon Nakhon on Monday the 3rd. Another goal of this trip is to try to find some real Vietnames food in Ubon. I have seen a video of a Banh Mi stand that looks pretty authentic. I have already had a few meals at the “Indochine which I would rate about 60% authentic at best. I have heard of 2 others and of course will report my finding in the blogs.

Hope we all have a happy and safe September and follow Isaan Live for the best Isaan updates.

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