Applications that Work, Google and the Geezer, an Andoid Adventure in Northeast, Thailand

Let’s start the year with a look at a couple Android Applications that work. Menolicious as you will see is another in a long line of language apps. I do not think that you could learn the Thai alphabet using this app on its own, but if you have been trying to learn from other sources this is a freat app to help you practice. I like the way the categories and options are set up and I like the fact that it scores. I enjoy trying to improve my score with each use.
I would not want to try to guess just how many photo editing applications there are out there, but there are more and more confusing ones than I can count.
Pixlr Express has more functions than I am interested in, but has the categorized in a logical way. Adjustments are the ones I use occasionally and they are simple to use and once you look at the preview easy to undo. Clear, concis and too the point. I think it makes it worth having. And if you are interested in effects and borders and all that they are there in an easy to use layout.
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