Episode 9,Tourism Authority of Thailand Introduces you to a Green Thailand, Google and the Geezer, an Andoid Adventure in Northeast, Thailand

Once again we look at another in the series of Applications prsented by the Tourism Authority of Thailand. This one titled Green Tourism in Thailand.It does list what they call the 7 green concepts, which are  Green Heart,Green Activity,Green Community,Green Logistics,Green Service,Green Attraction and Green Plus. I have no idea where these concepts originated and as I looked through the app had less idea of what they had to do with anything.
They go on to list Green Destinations, Green Hotels and Resorts, About and Bookmark.
Now I know for a fact that there are environmentally correct places in Isaan, but nnow little about the rest of the country. As well as listing little of Isaan many of the map locations are incorrect
as well as other errors throughout the applications. I just want people to see the job the Tourism Authority of Thailand does in promoting the region as well as the rest of Thailand.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-I9pC9QbeVg’]


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