Is This a Green UNDP Project that Tourism Authority of Thailand has ignored in Northeast Thailand

or is it a project that was a success on paper and no longer functions. Well, I plan on finding out! I discovered the Promotion of Alternative Energy in Phu Phan while researching  another  project just after posting my review of the Tourism Authority of Thailand Green Tourism Application. While not a huge project it might certainly be seen as a project worthy of replication in Isaan, Northeast Thailand.
The people of Isaan, especially in the Hilly regions will benefit from any savings possible and the environment will benefit from cleaner air and a reduced loss of timber. There seem to be a number of odd statistics in the report.

Main Anticipated Result:
1. Reduction of expense on canned gas by Baht: 300/family /month( through introducing charcoal-production kilns.)
Most Isaan families use about 1 tank (365 Baht of gas every few months. I find the UNDP number quite high.
2. Reduction of fire-wood from 60 kg./day/family to 30 (through using high efficiency stoves)
fire-wood from 60 kg./day/family that’s a lot of wood?
3. Reduction of grid electricity consumption for agriculture (through using manual water pump- bicycle) by 20 kw-hr/family/month
That is about 75 Baht a month
4. Emergence of 10-ha area for fire-wood plantation and fire-wood fund of 18,000 trees.
5. One project product ( toxic-free seasoning powder) made by solar energy
Not sure what they mean here, but will find out

They seem to intend to accomplish the above through these Main Activities: 

1. Building capacity of target community on fabricating charcoal-producing kiln, high
efficiency stove, solar oven, biogas, and water-pumping bicycle
2. Training youth groups around Nam Phung Dam on energy efficiency
3. Fabricating charcoal producing kiln, high efficiency stove, solar oven and water-pumping
4. Reforesting marginal area with native trees of energy quality
5. Conducting participatory evaluation
6. Disseminating project results and experience through various community events and facilities

The Project takes place here;  Promotion of Altrnative Energy in Phu Phan
Target Population / Location of project: 120 farming families of 640 members the majority of which practice small scale farming .The project location covers 12 villages in Phu Phan District located in the vicinity of the Phu Phan National Park. With increased prices of canned gas and less availability of fire-woods, target population require knowledge and experience on application of alternative energy available in locality for daily livelihood. 170 members are direct beneficiaries.
120 farming families of 640 members in 12 villages in Phu Phan District, I find this a very low number for 12 villages.

Here is the rest of the data

2. In Paeng Network of Sakonnakhorn Province
Project Snapshot
Grantee: Phu Phan Agro-forestry Network
Country: Thailand
Area Of Work: Climate Change Mitigation
Land Degradation
Operational Phase: Phase 4
Grant Amount: US$ 19,724.85
Co-Financing Cash:
Co-Financing in-Kind: US$ 10,060.38
Project Number: THA/SGP/OP4/Y1/RAF/2007/05
Start Date: 1/2008
End Date: 12/2009
Status: Satisfactorily Completed

Other Major Stakeholders: 1. Centre for Development of Community Forestry 9
Grantee Contact; Mr. Kanya Jaknarai
Address In Paeng Centre, 149/7 Moo.8, Baan bua, Tambol Kudbark, Kudbark District,
Sakonnakhorn Province , Northeast , 47180

I have already sent some questions to the UNDP in Bangkok, but am not expecting much help.
I am also trying to get more infrormation about projects of theis type in the region


Stay tuned for more


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