Silk a Local Art Form in Northeast Thailand,Isaan

20121230_111400I have been visiting, mapping and documenting the Arts and Crafts of Isaan, the Northeast of Thailand for some fifteen years now and one of the most diverse is silk. From the simple to the intricate. From the inexpensive everyday Pa Sin worn in the villages of the region, to the expensive beautiful designs found at the competitions that take place. In the small village of Nong Kae in Sakon Nakhon Province more than 70 women, and yes even, some men participate in a project started my the Queen of Thailand. Na Wa a small village in the far west of Nakhon Phanom is another such project that keeps this ancient art alive and strong.
Kalasin the home of Phrae Wa silk and intricate designs is known throughout the world.
Not only do these projects keep an art form alive
Extra income and a wholesome livelihood are maintained. The video is a compilation of some photos taken over the years. I hope you enjoy.
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