A Visit to the Phu Phan Research Center in Sakon Nakhon, Thailand

So now that you have read the story of the Royal Initiative of the King,  just what is the place really like. The place is brilliant and if you are in Sakon Nakhon and do not take the time to visit, hours for sure, you are missing a bunch.
Horticulture, agriculture, aquaculture, more culture than the Minister of Culture ever saw.
From rubber trees to fish ponds, to pigs and cows and chickens and mushrooms you will get high on all of it at this wonderful, one of six, Royal Initiatives of the King.
I always knew that the Tourism Authority of Thailand did not have a clue about what was going on in Thailand. The only reality in their Green Tourism Application was the fact that it made me sick.

There are people there that will show you more ecology in a few hours than the Tourism Authority of Thailand has seen in 50 years.
Ask the Tourism Authority of Thailand about the model farm project nearby, the only place you will learn about it here at Isaan Live, the best, and I ain’t bullshitting, source of information about Northeast Thailand, Isaan available.
I spent 3 hours on the tour with Khun Dtao and Khun Jim and they want to tell you and everyone else about the Kings Initiatives and in particular the Puparn, Phu Phan Initiative.
These are people that are proud of their work and work hard they do. Even Google Maps conspired with the Tourism Authority of Thailand and have the location incorrect. Just contact me it’s only up the road a bit.
If you want to experience Green Thailand, and not get an upset stomach visit the real Green Thailand, silk, pottery and more in Northeast Thailand Isaan.
Or follow the Tourism Authority of Thailand and get drunk or dead in Amazing Deadly Thailand.

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