Isaan Update Sakon Nakhon Northeast Thailand

I arrived back in Sakon Nakhon and started downloading and organizing trip photos, and started organizing stories for posts and planning schedules for the next couple months, and last but not least organising a few beers and a good nights sleep> Woke up this morning feeling pretty good until,walking in the car park of the voodoo temple next door, I saw the sign. I guess the Buddhist scam they local witch doctors are flogging is wearing thin and they are hosting a week of disco and I would not be surprised if there were coyote dancers involved. I thought the movie fest was as bad as I had ever seen outside the village, in what calls itself a Buddhist Temple, and to top it off the head monk of the Province must have given this his okey dokey, as he lives here. I guess the witch doctors feel that if thier bag ain’t full of 1000 baht notes it’s time for a fund-raiser>
Someone tried to tell me it was like the That Phanom Festival and Mahga Puja. That is a crock of shit as I have been to that event many times and there is no disco and shit going on in the Monastery grounds. The festival at That Phanom is arguably the one festival not to miss in one’s lifetime if you are interested in Buddhism,the culture and the people of the region. Seeing the people fill the bowls of the 1000s of monks each morning as well as the constant circumambulating of the That is inspiring.
I have been told that this blasphemy is an annual event. This is one of the reasons given for the Dhammayut order being formed in Thailand, that is to stop this type of conduct in the monasteries. Never mind the buggers need their cash so screw the vinaya, Thai style
I think the poles arrive for the dancers here later this week. I guess this may cause some major changes to my schedule. Stay tuned.
PS Thai Buddhists tell Dali lama FORGET THAT

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