Fewer children seen frequenting libraries is Not News today in Thailand

readThe Bangkok Post one of  Thailand’s Nearly English Language Dailies is at best not known for investigative journalism. As a matter of fact they seem to have a problem doing a simple search of their back issues. If  Fewer children seen frequenting libraries is news I wonder why they would expect a generally illiterate society, especially children to read. Last year the ONET scores showed Out of full scores of 100, the average score for Thai language was down from 42.61 to 41.88; social studies, religions and culture from 46.51 to 33.39; science from 30.90 to 27.90; health and physical education from 62.86 to 54.61; and art from 32.62 to 28.54. Meanwhile, the average score for occupation and technology was up from 43.69 to 48.72; English language from 19.22 to 21.80; and mathematics from 14.99 to 22.73.

In December of last year we got to read Thai students rank low in world table, what a surprise. This from an outside source who certainly would  be beyond Thailand’s Nearly English Language Dailies journalistic reach Thailand’s Education System Continues to Decline
and who who care about the kids outside the major cities Rural kids falling through the cracks, anyhow. And even the Nation another of   Thailand’s Nearly English Language Dailies noted back in November of last year GAT scores hit an all-time low, and what has it all accomplished. Hundreds of stories and no questions from the media, let alone the public. The state of education in Thailand is, in reality a national disaster and a threat to the security of the Kingdom. The people choose to ignore the advice of the king. What will happen time will tell, but I fear things will get much worse before they get better

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  1. Journalism in Thailand! Impossible!!

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