Phu Pha Thoep National Park, a Mukdahan Favorite, Thailand

poop20 kilometers south of Mukdahan just off road 2034. Those of you who saw my peeps on twitter might notive that I enjoy calling the place “poop pa doop” just because I like the sound of it.
I have been stopping there for many years now and not having been there for a few years was
quite pleased with the work that has been going on. Not only is there signage up now, but most
of it is bi-lingual. The staff have always been helpful and friendly.
I am not really sure what the charge is, as I cannot remember being charged, but if I remember
correctly a few years ago I was charged Thai rates with my drivers license.

This time of year is the most barren up in the rockes, although some cactus were flowering. The rainy season is the time to see the flowers blooming and the water falling in the waterfalls.
I like the area best just at sunrise and early morning. I hope to camp out in the park once to check out the sunset.
Whatever time of day make sure you wear shoes that you are comfortable hiking in.
Unforunatly this is once again advertised as Unseen Mukdahan, or Isaan, or Thailand since the Tourism Authority of Thailand does not do much to promote.
If you are in the area I suggest you help get this and many places in Isaan off the Unseen list
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