The Royal Activities of King Nang Klao or King Rama III, Thailand

King Nang Klao or King Rama III ruling from 21 July 1824 to 2 April 1851was very interested in his subjects occupations. He tried to raise their standard of living. When the country faced severe drought and failure of the harvest, people suffered from a shortage of rice and consequently the price of rice
increased. The King provided them with the rice from the royal store at a low price.
He also ordered provincial governors to give assistance to farmers and to visit their
farms. While his father, King Rama II, was still alive, he had been assigned to
supervise the Krom Tha (Foreign Affairs) Department and he had initiated the junk
trade with China, which earned profits for the Royal Coffers.

The prosperity continued into his own reign. His government earned a great deal from the junk
trade and taxes. He allocated some of the earnings to supporting Buddhism and
having Buddhist temples built. In response to his father’s wish to build a towering
Prang structure, King Rama III had a Prang built on the grounds of the Temple of
Dawn. The lofty structure was decorated with colourful porcelain pieces which
could better withstand the harsh weather conditions than gilded ware or stained
glass. The porcelain created uniquely attractive designs.

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