The Royal Activities of King Rama VII.King Prajadhipok,Thailand

King Prajadhipok or King Rama VII, reigned from 25 November 1925 – 2 March 1935 was the youngest son of King Chulalongkorn
and Queen Saowabha Bhongsri. During his reign, the country faced the Great Depression and a drastic political change when a group of political activists who called themselves Khana Ras or the  People’s Party changed the country administration from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy. Despite the political and economic crises, the King relied on his ability and good sense to solve the problems. His generosity to his people could be seen in his earnest wish to bestow administrative power upon them and his taking their happiness as his major administrative aim.

I am willing to transfer the power, originally mine, to people in general but I will not agree
to transfer it to any particular group so that they are able to exercise their absolute power
without listening to the true voice of the people.
The King supported any activities related to social welfare – establishing cooperatives,
conserving natural resources, communications and telecommunications. His far-sightedness made
him urge members of the royal family, government officials and people in general to make
donations in support of the construction of a bridge across the Chao Phraya River. He named
the bridge Phra Buddha Yodfa Bridge (commonly known to foreigners as the Memorial Bridge).
He also had a statue of King Buddha Yodfa the Great erected and placed at the footbridge
in memory of what the first King of the House of Chakri had done for the nation.
It was also the King’s earnest wish to see that government officials served the public
interest and did not abuse their authority and suppress his subjects in the way that they
complained. He also ordered his ministers to strictly supervise the behaviour of their

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