The Royal Activities of King Rama VIII,King Ananda Mahidol,Thailand

08King Ananda Mahidol or King Rama VIII ascended the throne at the age of nine whilst studying in Switzerland. During his reign, the country had to experience many kinds of instability; for instance, political upheavals, participation in the War of the Great East and major flood crisis. The countryûs financial status was unstable. It faced inflation and a shortage of consumer goods that caused their price to soar. Peopleûs
morale faded due to their insecure living conditions.
King Ananda Mahidol returned from Switzerland to visit his people and this visits boosted their morale, enabling them to get on their feet and tackle theirproblems.

During his short sojourn in Thailand, the young King attended many
functions – royal and official events as well as religious ceremonies. He reviewed
military parades of the Allies at the Royal Pramane Grounds (presently known as
Sanam Luang) to assert the countryûs independence. The conflict between the
Thais and the Chinese was ameliorated by his visit to the Sampeng Quarters, an
important Chinese community. He also visited people upcountry, including Samut
Prakan, Samut Sakhon, Pathum Thani, Nonthaburi, Chachoengsao and the District of
Bang Khen. He was well received by his subjects wherever he went. He would talk to
people and took part in their activities.
His various activities, all of which were aimed at the public well-being, made people
develop a strong faith in him. This was why the monarchy managed to maintain its status as
a major institution. Though the King had grown up in Europe, he was trained to appreciate the
Thai heritage. An example is his interest in the study of the Lord Buddhaûs Teachings. He was
also interested in Thai art and culture.

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