Update,Sakon Nakhon,Northeast,Thailand 29.01.13

Weather has been a bit unpredictable, especially if you follow the That Meteorological and Dart Society. From a few coll days to getting heated up back to I am in a jumper all day. Can’t even blame this on Tourism Authority of Thailand so might as well just slog on.

If you follow Isaan Live at all you might have noticed I have been posting a number of articles about the Thai Kings of the Chakri Dynasty and some other not particularly Isaancentric posts of late. During my visit to the Royal Development and Study Center here in Sakon Nakhon,  I was presented with “From Royal Initiatives” “60 Years of the People’s Happiness under the Ryal Aegis” published on the occasion of His Majesty’s 60th year on the Throne and the accompanying CD and PDF by the Office of the Royal Development Projects Board.

The book lists the projects by the previous Chakri Kings and much information about our present King Rama IV. I have found the King’s emphasis on sufficiency and  moderation quite inspiring. Seeing what is going on in Thailand, with the emphasis on conspicuous  and excessive consumption quite in opposition to the conduct that His Majesty suggests, and rather sad if not insulting. Not only does He suggest these things, his Projects and those I have seen in Isaan by Her Majesty the Queen demonstrate that they are not only feasable, but create an intelligent and comfortable way to live. The Queen’s Projects in Nong Kae and Kut Na Kam in Sakon Nakhon and providing work and income to rural people and there are more projects throughout the Kingdom.
So my idea is to present as much useful information about these and other projects that I am able, to visit the sites and post as much as possible as it seems The Tourism Authority of Thailand has little or no interest in promoting these worthwhile and interesting projects to visitors to the Kindom.

I will continue to try to keep you up to date on the events, people and places in the region. More Google and the Geezer, an Andoid Adventure in Northeast, Thailand to come. More views and opinions from Isaan…..

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