Episode 11,Google and the Geezer, an Andoid Adventure in Northeast, Thailand

I have been checking out every video that appears in YouTube, Google+ and anywhere else for useful poop about the Samsung Galaxy Camera and other Android Applications or tricks. There is a lot of really neat flash shit out there, as it is mostly just that SHIT. Sure well done fancy looking, but little help. I watched a interesting Samsung Galaxy Camera thing on Google where some actual for real film dude was doing a Camera Promo that included some split screen video. So I commented asking what Application he used and a week later still no answer. How do you captures screen on the Samsung Galaxy Camera? Must be effing top secret!
But, the thing that has been really driving me crazy is geotagging. I have the GPS on, doing everything I have done with every other Android device I have and the damn thing keeps giving me none geotagged results.
I have used PPS Essence with great luck until now. Now I am trying GPS Fix and will show you the results as I have them. And here is the video. Teah Yeah, I say phone, I mean Samsung Galaxy Camera
[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=effk-Ciw7_I’]

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