Camp Ruam Chit Chai,Sakon Nakhon,Thailand,809th Engineer Battalion

I first came across mention of Camp Ruam Chit Chai while doing research on the Seri Thai Movement during WWII, and on the Communist Party Of Thailand, and then on American Camps in Isaan, Northeast Thailand. Most of the first information placed the camp 50 kilometers outside Nakhon Phanom and 12 to 20k outside Sakon Nakhon. Larry at KhonKaen Retirement and I had been dicussing a road trip, and his research help is always most welcome, we both started scouring the archives in the ether, or somewhere. Suddenly PDFs and drawing and data was flowing back and forth and to me it seemed like we were running around in circles. A lot of locations I knew could not be correct but finally a drawing really put me on the scent.

And on 29 April I took myself out to what is now the Agricultural Extension and Cooperative Unit (AFCU), part of the Armed Forces Development Command in Thailand. The camp is in the village of Phon Yang Kham. The front gate of the camp, which I believe is the same location as when Camp Ruam Chit Chai occupied the land is 17° 4’40.33″N 104°12’0.54″E.. The guys have a facebook page. I will be off to the location of camp Mitrapap and an Asphalt Plant that should be in the area of Kusuman in Sakon Nakhon Province soon. And will try to get up to the camp North of Khon Kaen town soon. Very little of the old camp is left. Here is a slideshow of what is there now…
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