A Look Back at Places,People and Art in Northeast Thailand,Isaan

Somdet Phra Srinakarindra Park, Sakon Nakhon, Thailand 29.04.12

This morning while in Sakon Nakhon I went to visit Somdet Phra Srinakarindra Park, near the bank of Nong Han a verylarge lake that borders Sakon Nakhon tow. The park, much smaller than Beung Kaen…Continue reading

Wat Pijit Sangkharam,วัดพิจิตรสังฆาราม,Buddhism in Thailand

Wat Pijit Sangkharam ????????????????? has been surveyed by “The Culture and Art Center” at Khon Kaen University. It is located in Non Yang, Nong Sung, Mukdahan and in a way is rather unremarkable…Continue reading

Welcome to Kumphawapi, Udan Thani, Thailand

TRUE 3G now reaches all over Isaan as I have previously mentioned. This morning traveling from Sawang Daeng Din. to Nong Han in Udon and south to  Kumphawapi and then to the Friendship Highway and…Continue reading

Silk a Local Art Form in Northeast Thailand,Isaan

I have been visiting, mapping and documenting the Arts and Crafts of Isaan, the Northeast of Thailand for some fifteen years now and one of the most diverse is silk. From the simple to…Continue reading

It’s a sunny Friday morning in Khon Kaen Isaan

And let’s hope it stays that way. Tomorrow Episode 8 of the Isaan Live Podcast, I will be visiting once again with Father Shea at Sarnelli House Orphanage up in Nong Khai. And still trying to figure…Continue reading

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