Finding Rocket Festivals in Isaan, Northeast Thailand

The Tourism Authority of Thailand Offices in Isaan can be a source of some, very limited, often incorrect information about locations and dates. Last year the  Khon Kaen Office of The Tourism Authority of Thailand was at best 20 percent correct, missing many and misdating others. Going to the Sala Klaang, Provincial Office is usually best. Either the Pracha Sampan Changwat, Public Information Office or the Provincial Ministry of Culture Office should be able to help. If you plan on this function taking an hour or so, forget that, I would plan on 2 to 3 hours if not a couple visits.
If you are driving through an area and see the rocket launching aparati, stop and ask. Also this time of year you will see billboard start to appear giving dates of parades and launching days.

I usually do not recommend places but I will make an exception here David Crow at Thai House Isaan usually organizes something for the Rocket Festival Festivities near Kuchinarai in Kalasin , I have visited his place and have met David but never been on any of his outings. I have heard many pleased visitors and no complaints. His place is in a very interesting area to include Phu Thai villages.
You can also go the the government provincial websites where some list upcoming events.
I much prefer the small Festivals such as the parade you see below at a small village in Nong Kai Province that marches through the village wat. Plenty to eat and drink, and to watch and see
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  1. This article is the best ever in terms of the quality of proof reading.Thumbs up for your performance.

    The tone of emotions is also nice to follow.It is calm ,informative and above all friendly to go along.

    Thanks, Khun Tom.

    Hope you will present more with an intention to improve Isaan people quality of life and also promote our cultural aspect.


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