Art, Crafts and War in Northeast Thailand,Isaan

Free Thai Movement and Tiang Sirikhan,Sakon Nakhon,thailand

On 8 December 1941 Japanese forces invaded Thailand. The government ordered a cease fire that same day and allowed the Japanese to occupy Bangkok. Thailand then joined in an alliance with Japan. The…Continue reading

Free Thai Movement and More Heroes from Isaan, Northeast Thailand

Here I am forcing these old eyes to try to research more about the Free Thai Movement that took place in Isaan after the Thai  Government kissed Jap ass. Or as a Thailand’s Nearly English…Continue reading

Wat Sri Mahaphothi,Mukdahan,Buddhist Art in Northeast,Thailand

Below is a description of the murals at Wat Sri Mahaphothi,Mukdahan,Thailand by  Paitoj Samosorn the man who did the study and paper for Toyota Japan  titled E-sarn Mural Paintings published in…Continue reading

One Tambon One Product,OTOP,Art and Culture in Isaan,Northeast Thailand

The One Tambon One Product,OTOP concept which originated in Japan was introduced to Thailand by ex Prime minister, fugitive, convicted felon Thaksin Shinawatra in early 2000. The program is designed…Continue reading

Dhammapada Relflections from Ajahn Munindo


I have had the little book for some time now and I do try to remember to give it a look with some regularity. I suddenly realized that it was available as a PDF from Aruna Publications and thought…Continue reading

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