Isaan Updates From Northeast Thailand 9.05.13

buddhaDaeng and I traveled to Khon Kaen on the 1st to visit friends and pick up some computer accessories that cannot be found in Sakon Nakhon. The 1st was a holiday and she managed to get the 2d and 3rd off giving us a 6 day weeked as Monday the 6th was also a holiday. After a few days of food and drink and with Larry Westfall along we headed out on the 5th in search of Free Thai sites, Vietnam war era sites and whatever else. We traveled to Na Khu in Kalasin and checked out the Free Thai airstrip there before moving on to Nam Phung in Sakon Nakhon where we had little luck with the site there. After a stop at Phu Khieow and a forest of antennae we arrived in Sakon Nakhon later in the day on the 5th, sort of a day earlier than planned.

Due to graduation and other events at Rajabhat Sakon Nakhon every hotel in town was full so Larry camped out at our place.
On the 6th we visited the Wat that now occupies an area know as Daen Cliff Cave where Ajahn Fan came to meditate. For some reason they have carved the Reclining Buddha images in a non-traditional pose on his left side as oppesed to the standard right side, On the 7th our stop at the Phu Phan museum was fruitfull as we found a video about the Seri Thai that I had not seen before. They are going to give me a copy so it should be posted here soon… Anyhow at the end of the day we have found sites that will be posted soon but you can see the trip map here with photos…

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