Into Sakon Nakhon and Rajabhat Graduation sussed

I started the Road trip 1 May and we were back in Sakon Nakhon the afternoon of the 5th.The city was full, totally booked from the 5 thru the 10th for graduation(s). I have finally remember the big sign and have sussed it out. Rajabhat Universities from around the region were holding their graduations at Rajabhat Sakon Nakhon. Beats me why not Rajabhat Maha Sarakham as the geographic center of Isaan is located near by. Perhaps lodging?
So that’s the answer to that. The new academic year I believe starts in June. Thx Khun Prasit!
The U-Turn in the video is a very dangerous spot in the best of times and if they had not set up the cones it would have been murder for the past week. Congratulations to whoever.

The road junction is where left on 22 goes North and Eat to Nakhon Phanom and right South to Kalasin or south then east to That Phanom.

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