Jit Phumisak Memorial Waritchaphum District,Sakon Nakhon, and More

I first read about and began researching Jit Phumisak on 16 April this year when I read  Jit statue to go up next month. I also read what I found in TeakDoor In Memory of a bright light for the people . A bunch of research led to the Communist Party of Thailand, other people of interest,Free Thai info and American Vietnam War era camps in Northeast Thailand all became part of the focus Larry Westfall and I have been following. We have found what is known as Camp Alpha in Sawang Daen Din,Sakon Nakhon. We will be continuing our search for sites and places and will keep you informed.Panels below video click to zoom to view text

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EcHeG62fC4′]


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