ChomDao Resort And Restaurant,Sawang Daen Din,Sakon Nakhon,Thailand

The ChumDao Resort in Sawang Daen Din,Sakon Nakhon is a popular place for government meetings, conventions and the like. I used to stay there with some regularity, but had not visited in over a year. I has quite please with the state of the restaurant and property, but found the wifi an inprovement over the old system, but not as adequate as I would want.
If you do plan on visiting be sure to book ahead as the property is often fully booked.
The rooms in the hotel, a 3 story structure range from 600 Baht for ground floor to 500 for the upper 2. I will confirm bungalow prices in the next couple weeks. There is no swimming pool, but the Karaoke Bungalows are quite popular with the Thais. I’ll give the wifi 6 out of 10. A bit slow.
They have quite upgraded the restaurant space which was always a bit short on eating in the old days. Bungalow photo thanks to Chang Noi.  But the real treat at the resort is the extensive menu and the products of that menu. It is an advance on the already fine menu of 5 years ago. And contrary to many places in Isaan, many of the items on the menu are actually available. The menu is avilable in Thai and in English, but the English translations are often interesting at best. I sas the Pa Muu on the menu and had to try it and a good choice it was. Beer and food prices are good value for a place of this type and I had no complaints about the service. Take a look at the menu , which you can view full size in Picasa and igf you are in the area and want a good feed be sure to stop  in. Also please remember that is the way it is today and like all things in Thailand, especially Isaan subject to change. So please comment if you visit and things change…

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