Food Travel and More from Isaan, Northeast Thailand

The meal at wat pa song tham, sakonnakhon, isaan, thailand

In a Thai forest wat the village people prepare food for the monks and then present to them in the traditional way.After the monks have taken their food we all sit down, family fashion, to eat, tell…Continue reading

Songkran Live from Sakon Nakhon Thailand

    Okay, I think I finally have a fairly decent solution to live broadcasting Songkra, I have the Logitech USB cam working on an an old Acer Laptop running XP. No good battery in the…Continue reading

Join me in an Omelet in Khon Kaen Thailand

People who join my twitcasts are always wanting me to go eat so 130512 I finally live broadcast my trip to a food area at beung kaen nakhon. Being in front of a 7-11 makes getting a beer a simple…Continue reading

Isaan Update 08.09.11

Have a lot to do tomorrow so here is an update today Podcast 13 is ready to go. Back to audio, giving video a break. It is a great look at the life of a middle class 30 year old Thai. Nut is spending…Continue reading

Sakon Nakhon to Kalasin to Roi-Et to Surin on the Buses in Northeast Thailand

Sunday morning is a safe time to travel,usually as school is generally closed, people are not going to work and the rest of the world is hung over. I hopped the 0700 Sakon Nakhon to Mahasarakham…Continue reading

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