On Northeast Thai Roads During the Rainy Season

Thai roads are dangerous places to be at the best of times. Many are not well designed, especially as far as drainage and modern layout is concerned. Most are not crowned and banked curves are often incorrectly and sometimes dangerously  designed.
Then when you put poorly trained and some not trained at all Thai drivers on he roads the situation gets worse. Vehicles to big for the roads, driving to fast for conditions and not keeping the eyes on the road are normal in Thailand and especially Northeast Thailand, Isaan,. Motorcycles driven by children and drunkards.Children walking on the roads are a major danger in rural areas. Mismarked and unmarked roads and motorways are not uncommon. And then add the rain.

Roads get slippery and standing water will cause aquaplaning quickly at speeds above 60 kmh.. Dark and rainy conditions  and drivers who fail to turn on headlamps is the cause of many accidents. Fleeing the scene is part of Thai culture so do not expect the person who caused the accident to hang around. Thai police will try to avoid any communication if possible,especially in rural areas. If their is no carnage do not expect people to stop, and if they do it generally will be not to offer assistance.
BE sure to carry the maximum insurance necessary when driving Thai roads and know how to contact your insurance rep.. I have needed to contact my carrier a number of times and they have always been most helpful>
This video is tame, but just to give you an idea. I will post more through the season. And remember it is a jungle out there. Stay safe.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8qWsVmAk0Q’]

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