So Much Isaan,Northeast Thailand

Khu Khat Khmer Site, Mahasarakham, Isaan

First of all “Thank You” to Asger Mollerup who does know things Khmer and Pheu Thai. More here: Khu Khat Khmer Site, Mahasarakham, Isaan…Continue reading

Buddhism and ThaiBuddhism in Isaan

There is a lot I like about Buddhism. There is nothing to believe, there are no commandments and there is no “Rome” or hierarchy Read the original: Buddhism and thaibuddhism in Isaan…Continue reading

a walk around the lake in Kalasin Isaan at the silk festival

If you decide to visit Kalasin for the silk festival you might stroll or jog around Kuut Nam Gin in Kalasin town. Exersize, Art and of course food are all available Continue reading here: a walk…Continue reading

Driving in the Phu Phan Mountains from Sakon Nakhon to Kalasin,Thailand

The roads in Northeast Thailand are dangerous night and day, but driving through the Phu Phan Mountains in Isaan presents even more dangers, you might say one around every corner. Blind left hand…Continue reading

Where not to Stay in Sakon Nakhon, Thailand an Opinion 29.06.12

We were going to a wedding reception at the M.J. Hotel in town an decided to stay there so that I could have a few drinks and relax, as I do not drink and drive. continued here: Where not to Stay in…Continue reading

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