Drivers Education,Sakon Nakhon,Thailand

This 7 kilometer stretch of road into Sakon Nakhon is a dual carriage way with plenty of dangerous  U-turn spots and feeder roads with merges and exits. Thais tend to drive too fast for conditions, I am working on the understatement cf the century award. People jump in and out from the feeder roads, U-turn without checking oncoming traffic and generally pray to the plastic Buddha sitting on the dashboard of their car that some thief in robes blessed, sold them an amulet and go ahead and put the pedal to the medal. These culprits along with the government officials who sell drivers licenses should be charged with negligent homicide at the least.
The person flew past me at about 150kmh a few kilometers back. Lucky she had a child in the car otherwise she might have been driving faster, In Thailand always remember, the darker the windows the worse the driver.

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  1. I like this article a lot.
    Yesterday I saw an idiot made a u- turn at a wrong place where the road is so narrow that the car cannot go easily in one turn with the result that this car blog the street and cars behind had to stop to allow the idiot the finish his difficult u turn.

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