Nong Han Chalermphrakiat Park,Sakon Nakhon,Thailand

I am not sure how many times I have driven past this park without stopping, but it must be in the 100s by now. So many of the parks in  Sakon Nakhon seem to have been good ideas that have gone to seed over time so I thought it would just be another one of those. Returning to town with time to spare I finally stopped and  was I surprised! Nong Han (Harn) Chalermphrakiat Park I managed by Kasetsart University in Sakon Nakhon the park is a research center for the study of freshwater plants especially the lotus and it’s many species. Along with the alligator pond is is a popular place to come to relax. Says the sign. Not quite sure why Nong Han suddenl became Nong Harn on a number of signs at the site.

Nicely laid out ponds full of lotuse, shady places to sit and relax, an administrative center with pot after pot of different types and an alligator? or crocodile enclosure. There is a restaurant on the left as you enter the park, but no information about opening times was available. There are also food stalls as you enter. I did a search for the park and was amazed to see that Tourism Authority of Thailand listed Chalermphrakiat Park, but it was one in Loei. I did find Academic Abstract The Development of Nong Harn Chalermphrakiat Park for Lotus Species Collection, Ecological Tourist Attraction and Local Economic Development that is about as useful as most I have found in Thailand. Unfortunately it was an overcast gray day so the photos do not do the park justice, but will give you some idea of the volume of plants to enjoy at the park

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