Pottery and History in Isaan,Northeast Thailand

Isaan,Isan, Northeast Thailand, Past and Present

Present in this case being nearly 13 years ago in this paper that was authored by Doctor Boonsom Yodmalee, of The Research Institute of Northeastern Art and Culture at M hasarakham University. I have…Continue reading

Pottery in Isaan Northeast Thailand

Over the years I have visited many of the pottery villages in the region. I got a lot of information from Leedom Lefferts of the Sackler Gallery at the Smithsonian to include a study done by Samruat…Continue reading

Pottery Village Mahasarakham Thailand 04.05.12

Ban Mor or ban maw in Mahasarakham is known as the pottery village. I find many n khon kaen and nong khai much more interesting, but this is the one that tourism authority of thailand promotes in the…Continue reading

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