Pulp Fiction a Daily Best Seller in Thailand

 In Thailand Pulp Fiction goes under the names Bangkok Post and The Nation> Thailand’s Nearly English Language Dailies Daily regurgitate what the drem weavers in the Thai government tell them or babble on about what they call BREAKING NEWS, when in fact the news is already broken in Thailand. Todays post is not about anything earthshaking ,not about high speed trains,tablets for children, education or healthcare this on is about just a bit more proof that people are just about totally out of touch with all reality. The Nation one of Thailand’s Nearly English Language Dailies ran the story Rocket tradition being spoiled, critics say, without a clue about what has been happening for years. First of all who are the critics? and where have they been for the past,10,15,20,50 years…….

Gambling is a Thai obsession! Why do you think Thais love to watch sports? They do not really care about the teams. THEY LOVE TO GAMBLE! Gambling puts people in debt and the loan sharks love debt, and the police and government officials who get their tea money from the loan sharks love gambling even more. In the villages of Isaan for years rocket making was an art, wats sponsored rockets a bit of gambling and drinking went on as it had for years. Borrowing money is the only way to afford the BIG rockets, more money to the money lenders and those who protect them. I have posted picures of rocket festival rades and rocket festivals for years. I the one below you can see the size of the rockets and see gambling going on, this was taken in 2006.
Sure like anything Tourism Authority of Thailandgets their grubby hands on things get blown out of proportion and Yasothon is no exeption. Just like the Songran laws, Road fatality reports, and on and on it is all just Pulp Fiction..

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jx4exL4LJ8s’]

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  1. Bill says:

    The Bangkok Post is updated all day long online. How can you make such a ridiculous statement? Just look at US papers today like the LA Times they are like comic books.

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