This Week’s More Dhammapada and Ajahn Jayasaro tells us More of the Life Of Ajahn Chah

I think,just as once a week there is an Upposatha Day, once a week it’s a good idea to set aside a post to the Teaching. And a Dhammapada quote and narrative by Ajahn Munindo along with a look at the life of Ajahn Chah by way of Ajahn Jayasaro is the best way I can think of…..
Self-mastery is the supreme victory –
much more to be valued
than winning control over others.
It is a victory that no other being whatsoever
can distort or take away.
v. 104–5

Unshakably established in the centre of our lives, nothing can unsettle us or generate causes for suffering. This is fearlessness. The Buddha’steachings point to that which hinders fearlessness: habitual self-seeking, deluded desire. Shining the light of awareness on this very activity of desire – not judging or interfering with it in any way –we learn to see that each small moment of selfmastery

leads towards the victory of selflessness.

Having lost his love Ajahn Chah enters the monkhood
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