Wat Tham Phuang, Phu Lek and Buddhist Places of India

During our latest road trip Larry and I went up to Tham Phuang as I wanted to find out if one of the monks I know up there might have any information to help our search fore Seri Thai, Vietnam era or Communist activity in the area. Unfortunatky Ajahn Jitt Jai spent most of his life in Roi Et and had more questions for me about the area. Anyway, I showed Larry around, and around as I got a bit disoriented driving and talking at the same time. On the way down the hill we stopped at a series of replicas of important Indian Buddhist sites. Sarnath is the deer park where Buddha first taught the Dhamma and The Mahabodhi Temple in Bodh Gaya are along the road. We then stopped at the Phu Lek Headquarters and back down the hill. There are 2 caves in the area to visit, but we were on a mission so moved on>

I think the Tourism Authority of Thailand listed the Indian Buddhist sites some time ago, but for some reason (I guess too many people were interested)dropped it. As a matter of fact looking around it seems everyone has dropped it. The trip to Wat Tham Phuang, the cave, the temple grounds, The Indian Replicas, Phu Lek, and the Wetsandon Monument are well worth the Visit if you are in the area and one of the many places to stop between Udon and Sakon Nakhon.

View 20130508phulek in a larger map

View 20130508phulek in a larger map

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