Blue Highways,Sakon Nakhon,Northeast Thailand,Isaan,and D/809EBC

I have been posting places, people and events of interest in Isaan for more than 12 of my soon to be 18 years now, I have been GPSing correct locations and mapping them for more than 5 now and I have been geotagging photos and making them available in Picasa for some time. Now among the other tools and toys I use on the road I, as you might have already seen am armed with a dashcam. Someone said getting there is half the fun. Obviously they have never visited Thailand where if the potholes don’t get you the assholes on the roads will. One way or another the dashcam will now allow viewers to see what is along the roads in Northeast Thailand from the rual areas to the towns and cities. I will try to post a map along with the trip so you can see where the road is located. bloggers talk about the wonderful Blue Highways of the region….

but fail to mention where they are and the dangers. Not Me, I will show the danger points and you can see what is there and if it is worth the trip to you, just like in driving the Phu Phan did You will be able to join me in segments from different places around the region.
In this one I am on the hunt for a Vietnam era Engineer Camp of Delta Company 809thBCE in Sakon Nakhon East of Kusuman town and a related asphalt plant. I have been in touch with the guys on facebook and now that it seems the asphalt plant has been found am closing in on the camp site. Stay tuned for more of Blue Highwasy in Isaan,Northeast Thailand
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  1. I like the song and the scene you post in this episode.

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