Buddhist Art in Northeast Thailand

Another Way to Experience Wat Po Kham in That Phanom District, Nakhon Phanom Province, Thailand

I have visited and post about Wat Po Kham a number of times. The Ubosot in the grounds of the manastery was written up by Pairoj Samaosorn in his paper “E-sarn Mural Paintings” 1989. And can be…Continue reading

Wat Sri Mahaphothi,Mukdahan,Buddhist Art in Northeast,Thailand

Below is a description of the murals at Wat Sri Mahaphothi,Mukdahan,Thailand by  Paitoj Samosorn the man who did the study and paper for Toyota Japan  titled E-sarn Mural Paintings published in…Continue reading

Wat Pho Kham, That Phanom,Nakhon Phanom, Thailand, Buddhism

The Temple is located in Nam Kham village south of Thai Phanom and the Kham River. This is yet another of the isaan Mural temples from the Paper by Pairote Samosorn “E-sarn Mural Paintings” 1989. The…Continue reading

Buddhist Murals at Wat Phra Si Mahapho, วัดพระศรีมหาโพธิ์, Mukdahan, Thailand

I had posted this monastery before I was aware of ajahn Pairote Samosorn and his book “E-sarn Mural Paintings”. continued here: Buddhist Murals at Wat Phra Si Mahapho, ?????????????????, Mukdahan,…Continue reading

wat sanuanwaree patanaram, Ban Hua Long, Ban Phai, Khon Kaen, video 23.01.12, วัดสนวนวารีพัฒนาราม

wat sanuanwaree patanaram aka wat suan waree, ??????????????????? and if you look at the thai, it seems it should be wat sohn wohn waa ree phat naa raam. Whatever the case this was one of the temples…Continue reading

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