Free Thai in Northeast Thailand?

mapLarry over at Khon Kaen Retirement has been digging through the anals of history. Yes anals, not annals. A dark place that seems to be full of shit). I on the other hand am more interested in places I can find, distances, the geography of the area and the like. When I found the map pictured, at Rajabhat University in Sakon Nakhon I finally had what might be of help, in my hand. The locations on the map proved to be incorrect, but possible sites were found, relatively, near by. We have already documented our trip to Camp Alpha in Sawang Daen Din, Sakon Nakhon and the lack of real findings there. The possible airstrip site in Tao Ngio has not been confirmed. In all the only location that seems to be confirmed and might have seen some action during the war is at Na Khu in Kakasin. I had been trying to get back into the exhibit at the Free Thai Cave in Sakon Nakhon for some time with no luck, until the other day…..

Once in I found another work of fiction, aka map along with a well intentioned, government lackey. While looking at the map he started his spiel about Tiang Sirikhan  the leader who organized the first largest Free Thai guerilla training operation camp at Non Hom Village. Well sadly it has pretty much been proven to me that there was little Seri Thai presence in that area and no major camp of any type. Incorrect locations for things that did exist in some form and locations for things that never existed. And last but not least no mention about what occurred  on 28 January 1945……. you can to the picasa album and see the photos full size

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