A whole Bunch of Isaan Dancing

Report, Story and Photos of the Government start to the Mukdahan Thailand Birthday Celebration

From 270912 birthday You know your ceremony has gotten boring when the Governor starts to play “Angry Birds”  So many of these ceremonies start off with a story about the spirits and making…Continue reading

Isaan Dancing Exhibition Sakon Nakhon 0900 26.10.12

I am 100 prcent mobile right now and posting this exhibition that took place only minutes ago. From Sakon Nakhon Norteast Thailand as part of the Auk Pansaa Festivities continued here: Isaan Dancing…Continue reading

Isaan Dancing at the Mukdahan Birthday Kickoff 27.09.12 0740h

There is Spirit stuff, Government stuff, Thai Buddhist stuff as well, but the Dancing is what veryone wants to see So here you go. continued here: Isaan Dancing at the Mukdahan Birthday Kickoff…Continue reading

Isaan Dancing a Look Back

I don’t think I ever did a blog post with this video done in Nong Khai but it is still one of my favorites. Back then there were fewer cell phones and in Isaan fewer with cameras.This was shot with…Continue reading

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