Hunting for Perfect Pot in Isaan,Northeast Thailand

I first started looking for pottery sites about five years ago, This from a letter by me…I ended up in touch with Leeedom Lefferts and coincidentally with Louise Cort both of the Sackler Gallery at the Smithsonian. They have produced a number of academic papers about pottery production in the region. Moving right along, he sent me, a amongst other academic information a list of pottery product sites in Isaan. The first 64 sites were surveyed by a guy named Samruat Inban, about 20 years ago. Of those sites 20 have not been visited since and another 18 or so sites not visited in this century. Lefferts\Cort have added an additional 27 sites of which 18 have not been visited this century. I have plotted all the locations into “Google Earth” and there is a fair bit of confusion there. I assume their historical and pottery related data is correct. What is missing is up to date data for the region. There is no investigation into the impact of the “One Tambon One Product” (OTOP) program on production.

Lefferts says that correct locations etc. are all in has head, which may be fine, but there is no up to date survey on paper.. The sites marked on 1:50,000 maps are not grid co-ordinates, but lat/long, which for the life of me I still cannot sort out. From now defunct sites where the is still information and artifacts such as Baan Nam Bun, Winan Niwat, Sakon Nakhon to Projects of the Queen at Kut Na Kham in Amphor Charoen Sin,Sakon Nakhon. The loss of timber in the region is the reason many of these production facilities closed.
Here is a storify collection of my Pottery Post I hope you enjoy…

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