Mae Chee Kaew. A Thai Buddhist Nun, Northeast Thailand

Mae Chee Kaew Memorial and more about Ajahn Sao, Mun and Maha bua

Having made an early stop at the Mae Chee Kaew Memorial and finding the gates locked we made a short stop at Wat Pa Wiwek Watthanaram, where Luang Por Jaam is in residence. continued here: MAe Chee…Continue reading

Ajahn Mun, Ban Huay Sai, Mukdahan, wat Nong Nong, Buddhism

Ajahn Mun was in his mid 40s when he came to the village where young Tapai, as mae chee kaew was then called, lived with her Phu Thai family. continued here: Ajahn Mun, Ban Huay Sai, Mukdahan, wat…Continue reading

Mae Chee Kaew, The Life of a Buddhist Nun in Northeast Thailand

Bhikkhu Silaratano (Ajahn Dick) is a senior western student of Luangta Maha Boowa . He translated the story from Thai to English This book not only gives an insight into life in Northeast Thailand…Continue reading

In Search of Kammathana Dhutanga Buddhism in Northeast Thailand

Young Tapai, who was to become Mae Chee Kaew commented on the physical differences between Ajahns Sao and Mun. “Ajahn Mun was shorter and more slender than Ajahn Sao” The pictures I’ve seen and my…Continue reading

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