Wat Khao Tham Phra,Sakon Nakhon,Thailand

This is a meditaion wat for sure. One of the Maechee has been here 20 years and has a Masters Degree from some University, as well as excellent English. She is a student of Ajahn Sumedho, as well, and we she learned that I spent a number of years with the Sangha in England a non-stop hour or so of Dhamma talk began. Another thing that is quite handy is the Pali language, since some words translated between english and Thai or visa versa can add to the confusion  Pali gives an universal definition. As so often happens most of us can suss Dhukka and Annica, discomfort and impermanence but Annata is a bugger. Of course the is a me and my opinion and my thoughts and we spent a fair bit discussing all that. Then of course, thaaw ra maan, torture, something senior monks or teachers of the Khammathana or Forest tradition are great at doing.

The cave at this location was first visited by Ajahn Sao many years ago. Luang Por Sawaeng has been here for quite a few years now, His20130520_105012 first kuti down by the cave and until a few years ago the grass shack pictured, He has cancer and his supporters built and finally got him to move into the brick building you see today.“If it heals, it heals; if  it doesn’t, it doesn’t.” That, says Ajahn Chah, is how thudong monks saw things and that is how Luang Por Sawaeng deals with the cancer

Although the public buildings now have elctric the monks kutis are still barami, basic.
The water here is supposed to be quite healthy. I think there have been tests done of the mineral content
We were given the tour by one of the monks and he showed us all the things that the supporters have built. Statuary, dioramas of hell and the like and all sorts of stuff. Oh there are plenty of monkeys about, but they do leave you alone, well unless you have food in your pocket
This is an interesting place to visit and a wonderful place to stay and meditate. On the Map Here

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