Im Aroi Restaurant,Kalasin,Thailand

Im Aroi is located on Somphamit Road between th Paiboon Hotel and the traffic circle. Not an especially large place, it has a large array of food on offer. Stir Fried,Thai Style Salad (yaam),Fried, more stir fried, Soup and Steamed Dishes as well as an extensive Seafood Menu, Along with Single dishes are on hand. Some foods are seasonal or subject to availablity, but you will not lack for choice any day of the wee. Many of the customers make use of the carry out availiblity, as I often see sitting there enjoying my meal and cold adult beverage. Unless I am meeting folks there I enjoy dining early to beat the rush, especially on weekends and holidays. From spicy hot to breaded fried shrimp they have something for everyone. The staff is prompt and attentive, but not breathing down your neck. They pay attention to westerners and are quite polite.

If you are in Kalasin it is a good choice for a good, value for money meal, as simple or as posh as you might like. Kalasin has a number of good middle class restaurants and Im Aroi is definetly on that list.

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