Wat Chaiprasit,dyeing the grass,and OTOP.Ban Phaeng,Mahasarakham,Thailand and More

Live tour of Wat Chaiprasit, Ban Phaeng Mahasarakham.

This morning actually got a 3G signal at wat Ban Phaen Chaiprasit in Mahasarakham. Showing how suua gok is a big part of village life continued here: Live tour of Wat Chaiprasit, Ban Phaeng…Continue reading

ban phaen, dyeing the grass, 19.04.12

more live views of ban phaeng, and dyeing the grass, must be womens work? This goes on almost everyday of the year, as the mats are used and as natural are highly valued. continued here: ban phaen,…Continue reading

Isaan Update 21.09.11

In the Isaan Live Podcast Episode 15 I Invite you to, and talk about Isaan. Hopefully the rainy season will be coming to an end, the ground will dry out and water levels will fall. Next month brings…Continue reading

OTOP, Ban Phaeng, Mahasarakham

OTOP products are locals crafts that are produced throughout the country. The One Tambon One Province is practiced in many villages in Isaan producing everything from floor mats, to beautiful silk,…Continue reading

Episode 15 Google and the Geezer vs Tourism Authority of Thailand

Getting ready to post  the article about Phra That Prasit in  Nakhon Phanom I did a search to ensure that the Tourism Authority of Thailandand the other travelguide copy and past professionals did…Continue reading

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