180,000 kilometers on the Road in Northeast Thailand

After seven years and the best part of 180.000 kilometers the time came to retire the Isaan Nissan from service. Most of those kilometers came in the past 4 years, or since internet access became somewhat widespread in Northeast Thailand. The ability to use google maps while searching for places and events is a miracle in a region that, to this day, does not have recent road maps or atlases. The rear cargo door suffered the dings and scrathes of the ever alert motrcycle and tuk tuk drivers for years. Once an attack to the front left wing by a motorcycle and once force of the road on a rainy morning enroute from Udon to Sakon Nakhon.
I’m not sure how many kilometers I covered during the “not” floods of 2011, but is was many. The Pong River from Ubil Rattana to Mahasarakham. The Chee river from Mahasarakham to the confluence with the Mun and around Ubon.
So standyby to meet the new Isaan-Live vehicle and enjoy this look at  An On The Road Compilation in Northeast Thailand


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