Who Owns Amazon Coffee Shops in Thailand?

I use an application called SEO Spurecharger in WordPress that creates drafts of posts for searches that have been done relative to Isaan Live. Just recently I got a search asking  Who Owns Amazon Coffee Shops in Thailand and the app created some bizarre draft that had nothing to do with the search. Being the dedicated bugger that I am I did a bit of research and discovered some anwsers on the subject. And the Following is Provided from the PTT Propaganda, Google Translated and cleaned up a bit by me.
Coffee Cafe Amazon first introduced in the year 2545 (11 years ago) from the vision of the management of PTT Public Company Limited, and saw an opportunity to increase the market potential of the PTT service stations.

And respond to the consumer’s lifestyle and getting more and more during the past each Cafe Amazon was developed to provide a meeting point for people traveling vacation. The restaurant is designed to have the flexibility to put the space to fit the size of the PTT petrol station decorated with green tones. The image of the nature by using nature to create a cool, relaxed atmosphere. This is the uniqueness of each person’s Oasis Cafe Amazon as a journey. And with feedback from consumers like you. Make this restaurant Cafe Amazon growing rapidly and continuously. Which has branches nationwide.

The goods and services.
Distributors, beverage and bakery. Including the premium. With a focus on quality products and services to meet the needs of consumers. As well. catalog is divided into three categories; Beverages, Cakes and bakery, Premium products (whatever they are.

All in all it makes sense. I assume the franchise fee is on top of building the unit and everything else.  Is there also rent for the site involved? Beats me! I am sure a good few of them are having the same problem as many businesses of the type, they are full of freeloaders there for the WIFI. I will try to get more data when possible, but there you go…

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