Non Muang, Archeological Site, Chumpae, Khon, Kaen, Isaan, Thailand

I last visited about two years ago, but am updating some old blogspot  posts that people have been searching for. You can find the correct location on my Khon Kaen Provice map or view below the slideshow.  This ancient city in Chumpae, Khon, Kaen, Isaan, Thailand dates back to a couple thousand years ago it is said. I tought it would get a lot more mention online as it is a well done exhibit both grave sites and modern sections.This ancient Chumpae site,85 kilometres from the Khonkaen, is believed to have been inhabited from prehistoric times until at least the 10th century AD. Human skeletons and 3,000-Phra That Kham Kaenyear-old bronze tools have been discovered in the area. This is what is generally copied and pasted on the internet and seems true enough. It is certainly worth the stop if in the area.



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