Khrong Chandawong Memorial,Sawang Daen Din, Sakon Nakhon,Thailand

Krong Chandawong (1908—1961). Born in Sakon Nakhon, son of a local farmer
Qualified as teacher in Ubon Ratchatani and became a teacher in his home locality. Joined Seri Thai during WWII. Jailed 1953-57 in Peace movement sweep. Advocated the abolition of the anti-communist law andlocal  elections of village headmen. MP for Sakon Nakhon 1957-58. Arrested in 1961 on charge of promoting communism and Isaan separitism.
Executed on Sarit’s, the Prime Minister’s order in 1961. So reads the short biography.

People started to gather  at the house about 0830 on May 31st, the day that Chandawong was murdered by the Thai Government. Acupuncture, was the word I could not think of during the video, but it and electric acupuncture was offered for free all through the morning

Teachers, students,  neighbors and old soldiers made up most of the crowd of a few hundred who came to pay their respects. Vichit Chandawong’s son gave about a 30 minute talk, and presentations were made by the Naiy Amphor and Nayok Tesabahn. Music was played and flowers were laid t the photo of Chandawong. All in all it was a respectful and pleasant morning.
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  2. I like the name Nayok Tesabahn.

    It is easier to understand than the words Nayok Tesamontri Tambon…(name of the location) Or Nayok Tesmontri Muang…(name of the location.

    When we officially addresss the position we say ,for example, Nayok Tesamontri Muang Kalasin or Nayok Tesamontri Tambon Nakoo.

    Please forgive me if I make it more complicate than what you have already writen.

    Prasit Kalasin

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