Prae Pan and the Handicraft Center for Northeastern Women Development,Khon Kaen,Thailand

Also known as the Prae Pan Group.Take a look at the website which will tell you a lot. Unfortunately they do not list prices and other important stuff. I found it while doing my usual “Google Searches” for places in and around Isaan. Strange as it might be to believe Tourism Authority of Thailand, Khon Kaen lists them, end of semi-compliment. They do not put it on a map. They list it on a road that is about 2 kilometers long and address numbers are useless. And then to top it all off they list the phone number incorrectly. Prae Pan woven cotton and silk products are all naturally dyed in subdued and delicate colours. There are plain fabrics, mudmee patterns, and weft designs. They become wall hangings, table runners, cotton bedspreads, and blankets.Six of the original seven villages remain in the group.

In some cases, certain weavers are responsible for making particular products, for example, one family makes a very large bedspread; one weaver makes a particular shawl. Prae Pan means “many types of fabric”, so more than silk is being worked.
I visited Hua Fai, Nong Thoom and Nong Yaang Laen in Tambon Nachumsaeng, Amphor Phu Wiang. All on my Khon Kaen Map
In Hua Fai about 30 people take part of the project. I visited with Ms Luut who makes Pachet Tao, or rugs, as do most of the people in the village. From there I moved a few kilometers to Nong Thoom, where about 30 folks participate. Mae Soom showed me many of her diverse wares and off I went to Nong Yaang Laen where mae Dtoey showed me the rugs she was working on.
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