Sites of Historical.Military Significance in Northeast Thailand

Like so many places and bits and pieces of history, I learned along time ago that Thailand plays a bit loose with accuracy. From historical information and the lack of  it to locations where supposed events are said to have happened.Recently I started to try to locate sites of Vietnam era U.S military camps here in Isaan and it is easy to see that 45 years ago might as well have been the Stone Age in Northeast Thailand. Talking to people my own age and older most people do not seem to have a clue about what was going on 1 kilometer from where they lived. Larry of Khon Kaen Retirement and I listened to a Thai go on for half hour or so about the American Camp in Khon Kaen, that turned out to be elsewhere. A couple weeks ago I found the site that I am now 90+ percent certain was the asphalt plant for D Company 809th EBC about 4 kilometers east of Kusuman District . Sakon Nakhon Province. And now with the help of some of the guys on Facebook, think I have the Company area.

My opinion is that markers acknowledging  the American presence should be put up at all of these sites. As well as markers of other sites.  But then the reality hits me that the Thai Government is not all that interested in marking historical sites, let alone those that would acknowledge anyone else. Nor are they interested in accuracy in most any form I have pretty much firmed up the Seri Thai, Vietnam era,  Communist etc Google Map unless I should happen to find anyplace new. What about the quarry? And I may be adding some locations, mostly Police Stations that were attacked by the Communist Forces, back in the day. Ans not to forget the Seri Thai locations and alleged locations. So here are some photos from what I hope is the location for Delta Company 809th EBC. The 2 old entrances with very old asphalt helped identify this location.

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  2. Ray Fisher says:

    I was stationed at Udorn from May 1964-65. We were Detachment 1, US Army Strategic Communication Command.
    We were very near the end of RTAFB Runway at Udorn. We were very close th the Air America site.
    Do you have any information on that camp?

    Ray Fisher

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