Using GPS in Northeast Thailand, Part 1

I have noticed that I get a number of searches about using GPS in Thailand. I am by no means a geek,but when it comes to maps, google maps,geotagging and so on I am not only a geek, but a fanatic. Geotagged locations are the only way to find many of the places of interest in Northeast Thailand. I have no understanding of why a national Tourism Authority completely ignores the use of digital  locations. Recently a well know western travel blogger in Thailand went on a tour and introduced his readers to Wat Pa, in RoiEt Province with no location information. I have no idea how many Wat Pas there are in RoiEt, but 100s is not an exaggeration. How do you encourage people to visit a place they cannot find.
But for now lets just talk about getting from A to B in Northeast Thailand.

Last week I was in Sawang Daen Din and was going to Ku Na Kham and the Art and Craft Center there. Having traveled the region extensively I have no trouble choosing a route. Had I not known the area and used Google Maps to choose a route I would have discovered that Google Maps does not differentiate between hard surface and dirt roads. This is not a major problem during the dry season, but when the rains come can cause quite the problem, Low lying dirt road in rice paddy area often become flooded. And when just wet these roads often become as slippery as ice. Beware when using Google Maps in Northeast Thailand

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