More Dhammapada and Ajahn Jayasaro tells us More of the Life Of Ajahn Chah

Been busy with more conventional posting lately and have fallen a bit behind on what I hope to post weekly. a Dhammapada reading and commentary from Ajahn Munindo another episode from the life of Ajahn Chah

Having performed a wholesome act
it is good to repeat it.
Enjoy the pleasure of its memory.
The fruit of goodness is contentment.
v. 118

The Dhamma encourages us to bring to heart the  memory of wholesome acts performed by body, speech or mind and to dwell in the sense of gladness that arises with that recollection. We are not at risk of becoming overly pleased with ourselves if mindfulness is present. We can similarly contemplate our mistakes and shortcomings without losingsight of our goodness if we have developed wise
reflection. That we can observe our habits shows that we are much more than those habits. What is it that observes? This is our refuge – awareness – theway out of suffering. With this very awareness we can freely dwell in the joy of recollecting goodness.
And what a relief to find that we can make mistakes and learn from them.
Ajahn Chah determines to become enlightened
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