Dumbing Down Kut Na Kham,Arts and Crafts,Sakon Nakhon,Thailand

Over the years I have enjoyed my periodic visits to the Arts and Crafts Center at Kut Na Kham in Amphoe Charoen Sin, Sakon Nakhon.
Her Majesty the Queen  initiated  Kut Na Kham Art and Crafts Centre in 1983 in Ban Kut Na Kham, Tambon Charoen Sin, Amphoe Chaoreon Sin. The centre is established to train craftsmanship for Isan people who generally have excellent skill for handicraft. The handicrafts produced form this centre will help the poor earn some extra. The centre becomes model for other 30 something Art and Crafts Centres established later nationwide.

Beside the showroom that had a wide selection of high quality stoneware as well as other workstations throughout the compound where sites for a number of crafts to be created and sold.

Presently, the centre is a major quality terra cotta products producer of Isan. Visitors can enjoy witnessing the delicate process in the demonstration room featuring casting and painting and can enjoy shopping for the finished products in the show room. Terra cotta products from Kut Na Kham  are famed for their high quality and unique design.  Today its handicrafts portfolio expands to wood carving, silk weaving, artificial flower producing, basketry and etc. Delicate handicrafts from the centre are always displayed and sold in the province’s souvenir fairs, and festivals countrywide. The centre is open from Tuesday to Saturday between 8.00 am. to 4.30 pm.
Goes the Tourism Authority of Thailand propaganda which at one time was true, but now the visitors I noticed were the cattle grazing the property and most of the junk for sale is machine made ashtrays, beer and coffee mugs and other low quality tourist knick-knacks. When the person on hand in the ceramic room announced the people could get stoneware made with the buyers own image I knew the place had really come downhill. From tranquil nature scenes to now producing Narcissistic art for the masses.

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